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Brewery Collaborations: Working with Humble Sea Brewing Co.

We recently collaborated with Santa Cruz-based Humble Sea Brewing Co. and you are going to love the Black Pilsner that is coming soon! Once again we are stoked to partner with such a great California brewery. We thought we’d share a bit about why these partnerships are more important than ever and why a collab beer with Humble Sea was such a great idea.

Keys To a Successful Brewery Collaboration

Two breweries interested in making beer together is just the beginning of the collaboration process. Each has to be a good fit for the other and that means values and views are aligned.

Through collaboration, you are promoting your partnering brewery each time you promote the beer you made together. You have to be able to get behind each other, and it’s something we are happy to do with Humble Sea Brewing Co.

A Few Great Things About Humble Sea Brewing Co.

Humble Sea is the result of bootstrapping efforts by three childhood friends from the Santa Cruz Mountains - Nick Pavlina, Taylor West, and Frank Scott Krueger. They got their start in 2014 and have been doing great things ever since.

The brewery launched a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion program in 2020 that is open to all employees. The group meets every four to six weeks to discuss internal goals around diversity and inclusion at their brewery as well as with the broader craft beer industry creating actionable goals for change.

The brewery also sets aside a yearly donation budget to support organizations advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion as well as those promoting environmental stewardship. They are transparent about the amount they donate as well as the causes they support by sharing this information on their website.

Lessening their own environmental impact is a priority for Humble Sea. First, they can their beers. We recently shared why beer cans are better for beer and the environment. They are conscious of their water use and reduce it whenever possible. They also give back to their local communities through the organization of volunteer beach cleanups.

Then of course there are their beers! They are crushing it in the craft beer scene in California and beyond. We can’t get enough of their can artwork and the witty beer names, often with a reference to marine life and their coastal home. Some recents include Linkedfin DDH West Coast DIPA, Chiller Whale DDH Cold West Coast IPA, and Happy Krillmore DDH Foggy DIPA.

What Is a Black Pilsner?

A Black Pilsner is a dark lager and a style known for balanced and smooth roasted and malt flavors along with a moderate bitterness from the hops. It’s a style that brought out the experimental side of both breweries and made perfect sense to create together. More about this beer and how you can get it is coming soon.

A Good Fit for Full Circle

Humble Sea prefers to create a product that fuels experiences. Their mission is to craft unique experiences and approachable, innovative beers for every person on the planet. As you know, here at Full Circle our values are strikingly similar. We believe that time is the most valuable non-renewable resource, and have embarked on a journey to provide an outlet where our community can detach and be present and mindful. Cold beer, live music, and a third thing. That third thing are those experiences that bring you Full Circle. For us, most recently our third thing was the opportunity to collaborate with Humble Sea.

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