With only 1% of over 8,500 breweries in the United States being black owned, we strive to create a more diverse space in the brewing community. To spread awareness of the lack of diversity in the brewing industry, we have created four unique beers for Black History Month in partnership with four major influencers who are passionate about creating more of Black Brewers in the brewing industry. We are excited to work with these influencers to spread the word of under-representation of black brewers in the brewing community, and share some amazing beers with each of their unique audiences.

Nappy Roots

Acclaimed hip-hop group Nappy Roots have traveled worldwide sharing their passion for music with fans. They are also no strangers to the craft beer scene, having just opened their own brewery Atlantuckey Brewing in Atlanta. 

Black Aesop

Living Legends member Black Aesop is a Fresno grown hip hop icon. In addition to his large following in central and Southern California, Aesop has gained a major following in Japan after living there for several years. 

Crowns and Hops

Teo Hunter and Bennie Ashburn of Crowns and Hops utilize decades of marketing experience to engage as influencers with their ever growing audience. The duo are constantly pushing the black brewing community forward crafting beers with purpose.

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Oxnard based Dudley Perkins aka Declaime has been in the rap industry for over 25 years, releasing albums on his own label SomeOthaShip. Perkins will soon be releasing his new album “Rocketman” with Theory Hazit, and a vegan inspired cookbook with Warcloud Brewing.

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